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State Of Unconsciousness

by Volker Lankow



Drone music is a genre of experimental music that often focuses on sustained tones or sounds without significant rhythmic elements or distinct melodies. It is characterized by its prolonged and often hypnotic nature, creating a meditative or trance-like experience for listeners. The term "drone" is borrowed from the continuous, low-pitched sound produced by a musical instrument like the bagpipes or tanpura.
The connection between drone music and unconsciousness lies in the transformative and transcendent qualities of the music. When immersed in drone compositions, listeners can enter altered states of consciousness, where the boundaries between the conscious and unconscious mind become less distinct. This phenomenon can be attributed to the following aspects of drone music:

The repetitive nature of drone music can lead to a mental state akin to meditation or hypnosis. As the mind becomes accustomed to the continuous flow of sound, it can gradually let go of conscious thought, allowing subconscious thoughts and feelings to surface.

Drone music is often experienced in a live setting or through headphones, enhancing the immersive quality of the sound. This immersive experience can transport the listener to a different mental space, where they may access deeper layers of their consciousness.

Listening to drone music requires patience and surrender to the flow of sound. By letting go of conscious control and allowing the music to guide them, listeners may access deeper parts of their psyche, where unconscious thoughts and emotions reside.

In this way, drone ambient becomes a tool for introspection and exploration of the inner self. It can serve as a catalyst for tapping into one's unconscious mind, facilitating self-awareness, and even promoting emotional healing. While the experience is subjective and varies from person to person, drone music has been embraced as a means to access altered states of consciousness and explore the vast depths of the human psyche.
With the music of this Album I would like to contribute to your self-awareness, emotional healing and to a journey to your boundaries of conscious/unconscious mind.


released July 22, 2023

All tracks played and recorded live by Volker Lankow in his World Ambient Studio Kreuzberg.
Cover Design by Volker Lankow


all rights reserved



Volker Lankow Berlin, Germany

Percussionist since the late seventies, Volker Lankow lives in Berlin, plays and collaborates in many diverse projects, such as together with Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Wolfgang Spahn, David Rothenberg, to name a few.
Volker works on many Solo projects, using percussion instruments and electronics, to develop his own vison of experimental sounds, drones and world music.
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